Pug Watching Television

Happy Thursday!  I think it’s time for me to share a very dark secret with you.  It’s not easy and it’s kind of embarrassing.  Not “Anthony Weiner” kind of embarrassing but still not something that’s easy to share.  I feel like I’ve known all of you long enough to let you in on it. 

Ok… here goes…

I am addicted to YouTube animal videos. 
I write this without shame, I have every single adorable animal video.
Every. Single. One.
And it’s all thanks to the sidebar telling me what other videos I will like if I enjoyed the dancing puppy video that I just watched three times. Before I know it, I have invested hours in front of my computer watching the cutest little creatures jumping on counters, howling the National Anthem, or skateboarding through an amusement park.

So bare with me as I share one of my faves.

Makes me want to rent Homeward Bound again!

Have a great Thursday!!

12 responses

  1. So funny..hey its an innocent guilty pleasure and often pets are a heck of alot cuter and more entertaining than humans:) Have you seen the dog thats become a celebrity who plays dead…too funny!

  2. I love the videos, too. We have 6 rescue cats and my late mother's mini dachshund – they bring us lots of joy!

    Thanks for visiting Blackberry Lane.
    I wish you a delightful weekend.

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