Outdoor Kitchens

Happy weekend, everyone!  We’re expecting another day in the 100’s here in Texas, so we will not be dining al fresco tonight.  Here are some photos that I pinned of some great looking outdoor kitchens.

tomorrows adventures
Love the chairs.
decorating files.com
I think the ceiling makes this outdoor space.
decorating files.com
Great floor.
We put a fireplace/pizza oven in on our patio.  The first year we used it all the time.  The pizza oven gets so darn hot that the Mister almost burned off his eyelashes. 



designservices ld.
Who needs to go back into the house when it’s all out here?

Woo Home
What a great backyard!!

Hope you’re having a cool weekend!

15 responses

  1. Oh my goodness, each one of these is gorgeous. Course, here in our neck of the woods (Texas) you can only use it from October to June maybe because of the heat and the skeeters! Same goes for tennis – we play at 7am or 8am now and finish up no later than 10. Thanks for sharing these great kitchens.

  2. Choices, choices, how does one choose?!? I'd love to have an outdoor kitchen but we didn't win Powerball so I guess I'll have to wait a tad longer 🙂

    Hope your cooling off a little ~

  3. These kitchens are beautiful! All of the equipment would be overkill for my limited skills but I guess if I had the kitchen I just might have to hire a chef to go with it!

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