Purses n’ Shoes by #2

I am delighted to have my #2 do a guest post for me today.  


Even though I recently spent nearly $200 on a new “investment” purse – thanks, dad – I have been scouring the ‘net for a new one to add to my collection.

My rationalization: I’m a working girl. I deserve it.
My common sense: you’ve got a shopping addiction.
(The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…)

I work at a small, contemporary women’s clothing store in Downtown and I have to remain “hip” and “with it” to the young customers. Therefore, a shopping spree is called for daily weekly in order to stay relevant.

Thanks to the expensive fashion blogs that I’ve dedicated my long hours to, I have discovered a few, new favorite, brands.

I can only fit purses and shoes into this collection of goods…

Untitled #2

And, as if these weren’t bad enough for my sub-par budgeting skills, I discovered Kelsi Dagger.

kelsi dagger

Yeah. So, I’ll probably need a CEO-level job to support my truckload-sized orders. But, it’s whatever. I’ll have pretty things.


Great post, #2.   And don’t forget to save enough $$$ so you can support your poor old Daddy and me!! xxoo

Hope your day is filled with all of your favorite things!!!

6 responses

  1. I had to chuckle at having to look “hip” and “with it” since she already IS “hip” and “with it” at her age! Cute bags….I am on the hunt for a new brown handbag….one can never have too many purses or shoes!

  2. OMGOSH! That picture of the dogs! so funny.. and I am showing my husband this one Lol!

    Okay, she's darling (same age as my daughter;) and yep.. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You've raised her well!

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