Naked and Afraid

Last night, the Mister and I were “home alone” for the first time in a while.  Our #2 was at a cocktail party in Dallas.

Our nightly rhythm was thrown off with one of our members absent, so we adapted.  I find it’s a lot easier to add a member rather than to subtract one.  We’ve had our #2 home all summer and we have enjoyed every minute of it.  Especially me.  Particularly in the evenings during TV time.  The poor Mister is always outvoted on channel choice and ends up playing Sudoku on his iPad while #2 and I enjoy the benefits of entertainment courtesy of the Bravo channel.  Thank you, Andy Cohen.

Nothing like some calm TV moments to help us sleep at night…

And help us to realize how “normal” we are (compared to them).

So, I bet you want me to get to the “naked and afraid” part.  As usual, after dinner I went to take off my “minimal” amount of daily make-up that I require to look presentable every day.  When I walked back into the den, the Mister proclaimed that he was “King of the Remote.”  I gave him a polite smile, rolled my eyes (to myself because #2 wasn’t there) and sat down and braced myself for a night of war movies on the History Channel.

  And then I see it.  A woman is out in some gawdawful jungle STARK RAVING NAKED!  Is this the Mister’s idea of porno?  I thought porno stars were suppose to be beautiful and sexy – not dirty, matted, and carrying a lot of junk in their trunks!  I look over at the Mister and he is wearing the biggest smug smile declaring that this is his new favorite show.  The show you ask?

The premise of this show is that the producers drop two crazy people who are virtual strangers into some snake-filled, disgusting, dirty, icky jungle to survive for 10 days stark naked.  I’ve had a lot of  nightmares in my life, but never as bad as this TV show.  And the biggest disappointment is that it is on the Discovery Channel.  The same channel that hosts my beloved Shark Week!

Looks like fun, huh?  The particular episode that we watched last night involved the male naked guy getting sick (probably caused by something he sat on).  He ended up leaving.  But the best part was… the chubby naked girl stayed!!  She probably thought she would rather do this than go home and eat Jenny Craig for the next two months.

Who needs minimal make-up when you’re as naked as a jailbird in the jungle and haven’t eaten for 7 days?!?

So when our #2 finally arrived home she asked what we watched on TV.  The Mister put that smug smile back in place and told her that we watched a “dirty” show with naked people in it.  Our #2 frowned, rolled her eyes and mumbled “that’s disgusting” under her breath as she climbed the stairs.

The Mister looked at me with his smug little smile… and this time I returned it.

Hope tomorrow brings a few smiles!

14 responses

  1. Oh my gosh!! My friends have been talking about this show and you hit the nail on the head re: my concerns. Thank you for giving this cable deprived girl some talking points for the next time I am out with my girlfriends!

  2. We've totally watched that show! Slack-jawed and wordless because you really can't quite wrap your brain around it. It makes survivor tame by comparison!

  3. Holy Rolling Donuts….I don't know who is more crazy….the people on the show or the people who came up with the idea for this show! I think I'll be sticking to my NCIS re-runs!

  4. Too funny but how freaky they look! Just when I thought I had heard it all with Honey boo boo. Yuck! Waiting to hear your thoughts on trashy Teresa and the current news. Such scum! Hope you have a great weekend….

  5. I'm sticking with Andy and all the housewives on Bravo. Unless it's Thursday night then I will be hanging with my other TV boyfriend, Tim Gunn on Project Runway.

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