Dude’s Hamptons Showhouse Road Trip

It’s my lucky day.  My buddy Dude, attended the Hamptons Showhouse this summer and agreed to write a post for me.  It’s almost as fun as being there for me.  Almost. Ok not really.  Between you and me I’m kind of jealous…


Every year there is a great decorator showhouse in the Hamptons! It’s a good excuse for a girls’ Road Trip!! So, fill the Jeep  w/ a decorator (Patty) and her 3 sidekicks/assistants/interns (MJ, Babs and moi ). Load  the car on the 7:30 a.m. ferry to Long Island…..Hamptons here we come!!! 
Intern MJ, sidekick Babs, decorator Patty, and assistant Moi.

Here are some interesting ideas I saw there:

Loved the zebra striped wallpaper in the butler’s pantry.
Wood paneled refrigerator doors.

Mirrored tiles in the kitchen backsplash . It added a nice dimension  to the pattern.

The patio doors in the living room are bi-fold. They  were a great option instead of sliders or French doors because they fold and lay flat on  door frame.

This was a cool painted iron window hanging. If you’re not concerned about privacy, it’s a great option to add dimension to the window and room.

Studded wallpaper.

I didn’t really care for this lighting fixture hanging over the front staircase. It’s so confusing to me, that I’d be afraid I’d get disoriented and fall down the stairs!!

Not crazy about the chandelier, but love the room.

Après the Showhouse…..

Oh, did  I mention that the 2nd leg of the trip was about shopping in the Hamptons?? Well, we can’t go home empty handed!!!,

East Hampton, South Hampton are awesome, but we have a FAVORITE store in the Hamptons and that’s the TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton……we have a history at this TJ’s…..we are all TJ’s connoisseurs and have hit TJ’s all over the country and this is by far…THE BEST!!! A destination TJ’s!!

Patty (the decorator) had the most success at TJ’s (a few dresses, pocketbook, and a few odds and ends).  As for the rest of us, well….we weren’t depressed but, can’t win em all. Then it was off to East Hampton to….window shop?!? All I have to say is I did damage at Calypso due to  the pressure  from my friends to get these pants….they loved them (or so they said).  The jury is still out for me. What do you think??

Oh, and I also did some damage at Roberta Roller Rabbit. It’s such a  great store that’s full of color but I managed  to find the only  white dress in there (go figure?) But, this purchase I love!
After lots of traffic and a missed exit off the expressway, our Google  maps got us back to Port Jeff for a quick dinner and  Chardonnay before boarding the boat back to Ct!

Cheers to a great day in an awesome place!!

P.S.  I almost forgot we had a Michael Kors sighting on the check out line at a local market (sorry I didn’t have the nerve to snap a photo) 
If I did take a pic it would look something like this.


Thanks Dude for a great post!  Now I’m even more jealous…

Have a great Thursday!

6 responses

  1. What a great tour. I don't like that chandelier in the dining room either-I think it's a tad oversized for the setting or something. Like the pants-bet they look cute on and SHOW US the white dress please! xo Diana

  2. FUN!! The showhouse looked great, cannot believe I never made it out there to see it:( Love the pantry and painted iron window grill..and of course shopping in the Hamptons is amazing and I too am a big fan of Roberta Roller as well…..fun fun day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great picture of the gang! Love that zebra wallpaper:) really different and unexpected. The Hamptons are on my bucket list.. need to visit and get some shopping in too:)

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