Big News!

After 16 wonderful years in the great state of 

the Preppy Empty Nesters
are moving to

This move is bittersweet.  We have raised our girls in Texas, made life-long friends, and have enjoyed every minute of living in the Lone Star state.
The Mister is originally from Massachusetts (just had to spell check my new home state’s name)  and I was born and raised in Connecticut.  The last time we lived on the East Coast was 22 years ago.  We look forward to renewing our friendships with our oldest friends, and we will miss our dear Texas friends. 

Now I have a favor to ask of you.  If you live(d) in the Boston area and love your town, leave a comment for me.  I would love your input as to a great town to live in that is commutable from Boston.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

40 responses

  1. I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. We live in Belmont, Mass. I grew up here, and we moved back just before we started a family. It is a lovely little town but SO convenient to Boston. (20 minutes with no traffic) You should most definitely look into it. Best of luck with your move!

  2. I love Boston! I am so excited for you guys. I think a preppy empty nester should be in Hingham. You can take a commuter boat into the city.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! Maybe we will get to meet afterall Boston is one of my favorite cities and I look for any excuse to go up there..when my son was in college, I think he eventually started just ignoring my calls for fear his mother wanted to visit him YET AGAIN:) We were just there last weekend and I posted on parts of it today!! GREAT city, it is filled with culture, its intellectual, amazing restaurants (and shopping) not that you don't like to do that:) Very exciting news for you…when?

  4. Our daughter lived in and around Boston for 9 years. Some of her friends have moved just over the border to NH since there is no state income tax. They commute in to town. Best of everything. We've been corporate nomads for almost 40 years. Very different moving w/o kids in tow. Find things to do that interest you ASAP. Too easy to settle into redoing your home life and forget to make friends. Expect things to be the same but different with family and friends(we “moved back” once). Have fun! Pam

  5. Go to Zaftig's in Brookline for the most amazing Jewish deli food anywhere. The line is out the door on weekend mornings. If you order a sandwich split it. They are huge and delicious! Pam

  6. Hi – Love your blog! You should consider Hingham or Cohasset. Beautiful New England towns, with shops, restaurants, parks and water. Enjoy the search and I look forward to blog posts about the move. I live in Hingham.

  7. Wow – huge move! I just know all your tennis buddies and book club buddies will miss you. Best of luck on this exciting new chapter in your lives! I'll be looking forward to this journey on your blog ;0)

  8. All the best for the new chapter of life.
    My brother just moved to Texas and that is where my mother was born. She has now been in the MidWest longer than any other place she has lived.
    I have been to the Boston area but once so I have no idea. BuI wishing you all the best for a wonderful future.

  9. Congrats! I love visiting Boston but do not know enough to suggest a town. As a Texas who is on our third corporate relo, we are now living
    in NJ, I'm excited for you as you start a new chapter in your life.

  10. Katie,Congrats on the BIG news! I know you must be semi-terrified,but you will be having lots of new friends in no time.I live in Alabama,so I am of no help in the Boston area,but I wish you the best of luck.I adore your blog,and read it every day …

  11. Congratulations! Such exciting news…I can imagine it being bittersweet but you will be close to your sister and New England is just beautiful!!! My husband was stationed in CT so we spent some time up there but I am not very familiar with Boston. I hear FABULOUS things about it tho!!!

  12. So funny, Jennifer. Both of these towns are on our radar. I even picked out a house in each of them. Now all we have to do is sell ours. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.

  13. Felt so honored that you live in Our state of Tex”s. Having said that I'm very excited for you to back on the East Coast. Closer to home and the “Tuckets”. And it will be cooler in the summers….winters well that's another story your bones have thinned since then LOL. It will be fun to take this new adventure with you.
    You are the best blog I read and can't wait for more wit and charm in the future. I bet you'll be hearing from the girls a LOT more.

  14. Boston is a fabulous city! Both of my kids live there so we visit often. Our son, daughter-in-law and grand babies live in Waltham. He rides the commuter rail into the city for work. Our daughter and son-in-law live in Brookline (very close to Zaftig's Deli that was recommended). They are right on the T so it's very easy to get anywhere. Enjoy your new adventure!

  15. Hi Katie,
    Long time lurker, first time commenter…. I have experienced 7 corporate moves with my husbands job. We were fortunate enough to live in Marblehead, MA when he was transferred to Lynn (both in the North Shore area). It is beautiful and quaint and all the things you think of as a New England coastal town.

    Love your blog and good luck in your move!

  16. Oh my goodness! How exciting! I long to visit the East- Boston is definitely one of the places we would love to go. I bet you will continue to get lots of great ideas from other bloggers. Will be excited for this new journey for you 🙂

  17. My vote would be for Winchester, MA! Great town, lovely homes, easy commute! We live in Atlanta now, but spent 8 years there and absolutely loved it! Good luck! Moving with an empty nest sounds like a romantic adventure!

  18. Like a few others, I recommend Marblehead as a quaint, picturesque little town. If you are interested in an easy commute into Boston, then take a look at Wellesley, a lovely town. Best of luck! Beth

  19. Depends a lot on what you want: Easy access to the city while still in suburbia? Newton, Arlington, Somerville. Even closer to the city and access to the tube? Brookline, Brookline Village, Cambridge. Right in the city? Brookline, Back Bay.A bit further outside the city? Weston, Waltham, Marblehead,Newburyport(actually probably way too far that one but picturesque), belmont. There might be some areas of Melrose that could be suitable.

  20. Oh how fun! And exhausting! 😉 I'm a fairly recent wash-ashore to Newburyport and I LOVE it. The commute to Boston can be trying some days, (although there is a commuter rail in Newburyport that goes right into North Station), but coming home to this gorgeous town with friendly people and a long, beautiful beach makes it all worth it. I would highly recommend taking a look! Congratulations and best wishes on your move!

  21. I recently discovered your blog via The Enchanted Home and throwing in my thoughts, as a Brit and living in the UK, but a lover of the US and New England and a frequent visitor. I have to agree with those readers who recommended Marblehead. We stayed in Salem for a wedding two years ago and completely and utterly fell in love with Marblehead, if you only knew how many times I look at the photos of that little town and then go out and buy a lottery ticket in the hope of buying a little holiday getaway! The funny thing is that the former owners of the bookshop in Marblehead, sold up and moved to the next village to ours here in Sussex as they loved this little corner of Southern England so much! Best wishes for your move and love your blog! Lesley

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