Grab a Tissue

Today, I rose bright and early at 6AM, grabbed a cup of Joe, and headed straight to the girls’ rooms to begin the “big purge” to get ready for the move to Bean Town.  

I worked my knuckles to the bone for  two straight hours. It seemed the harder I worked, the bigger the piles grew.  The mounds were brimming with tattered school uniforms, “can’t live without” clothes,  and “to die for” accessories that were so imperative at the time of purchase.

Finally, after all the emotional and material purging, I decided to take a break  and check my e-mail and my daily gossip column, Facebook.  A friend posted this. 

And then I cried my eyes out. And took another break.

Hope your Thursday brings no tears and  plenty of smiles!

10 responses

  1. Thanks for the kleenex warning! I can't even begin to imagine packing up so many years of memories. I decided to clean our youngest's room once we returned home from dropping her off at school this year. She had left a few stacks of old t-shirts for me to sort through and pack away with her other “keepsakes”. I bawled the entire time I was going through them…each one bringing back the memory of the day she wore them. Sometimes those little things are the things they remember the most. Hang in there!! And always remember, the memories go with you wherever you go!

  2. Oh, Katie! Now I am bawling, too. It just brings all those little moments back when my kids were little and the crazy little things we did that meant so much to them. Happy sorting for you- I suppose there are a few bittersweet moments there! xo Diana

  3. After seeing so many sad images and videos today, it was nice to see something that made me cry because it was so sweet and not because it was so sad. Thanks for sharing. And, by the way, that photo representing the pile of stuff from the girls' room cracked me up. Having moved several times in the last decade I can sooo relate! The good news is that the best way to get rid of junk and clutter is to move. Or have a flooded basement. But moving is way more pleasant.

  4. Seriouly!!!!!!!!! You have me balling and lately thats not hard, I cry at the iPhone commercial, many songs and even diaper commercials now:) Gee thanks Kate..but very sweet and boy is it ever true about the little things!

    Enjoy your purging…and I know full well how much work it is but its a great time to “clean house”…don't work too hard:)

  5. When I did my 40 bags in 40 days project in the spring, I did the same kind of thing – shedding a few tears over the prom dresses, school uniforms and other things that brought back so many wonderful memories. You will feel so much lighter when it is done, I promise! By the way, I love your new design – love the lobster 🙂

  6. Hi Katie…what a sweet commercial…it made me cry too.

    I can't imagine how hard it must be to pack up for your move…we have been in our home for twenty years and are thinking of downsizing now that that all the kids are gone and I can't even imagine the amount of work.

    Have a wonderful day! xoxo

  7. Ohhhh that is heart tugging for sure… she saved them. Love that- and Extra gum is like a favorite of mine- now I love them more 🙂 Thinking of you as you begin the purge 🙂

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