Cup Stacking

When my girls were little and they started school in Texas, part of their physical education classes included “cup stacking.”  The Mister and I had never heard of such a thing.  Turns out our #2 showed quite a talent for this much heralded skill.  When I came across this video I was reminded of the good old days.

Hope your cup was half full this weekend!

6 responses

  1. Ha! My girls too. Great for hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. However, I think at least one of mine has taken it to a whole other level…Red Solo Cup…just saying…funny how games played as a child emerge in a different form in college! LOL

  2. That was fantastic! I'm not sure East coast schools do that. My gym classes were rigorous and when the bell rang, we always had to run around the field one more time before showers. Cup stacking looks like so much more fun.

  3. There is a great scene in the movie Pitch Perfect in which Anna Kendrick sings this song and does an AMAZING cups routine. Love it! And as Simply LKJ says, certainly a more innocent use of the iconic red solo cup!

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