And so it begins…

I can’t believe the day is almost here.  

Moving Day!!

In the meantime, stop over and say hello to sweet Hilary who started writing the most darling blog, yellowcrown.  She owns Baby by Design and also happens to be “the best boss in the world”  according to my #1.

I will be off for a few days but y’all will remain in my heart.  Have a wonderful week and be safe.

11 responses

  1. OMG that picture made me laugh out loud! Good luck, friend! I know that moves can be tough and very stressful. Just fast forward a couple of months in your mind and imagine yourself curled up in front of a fire in your new (old) home sipping on a glass of wine.

  2. The top photo is a bit disrespectful to the third world poverty that it depicts. I'm sure those people wish they had packers and loaders and cleanser like you do….and a month in hotel. Please be more sensitive, you usually are.

  3. As an avid follower of Katie's and someone who appreciates her sense of humor, I hate to see a comment such as this. I am sure she did not mean to be disrespectful of anyone.

    Keep us laughing, Katie!

  4. Best of luck in this new adventure! Wouldn't you know I'm flying south as you are coming north – perhaps our flights will cross.
    Can't wait to see your transformation of your new home,
    Denise (from South Shore)
    BTW no offense taken at your first pic as I know none was meant.

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