Newbury Street

My new favorite street in Bean Town is Newbury Street.  The shopping is incredible and the street lends itself to true New England charm.  
I love these planters!  I won’t be decorating this year because we move into the house a week before Christmas, but I will definitely keep these in mind for next year.
How sweet is this?

This is the 2nd selfie I have ever taken in my whole life.  This is what I look like when I take Gypsy for a stroll.  I have never owned a “puffer” coat in my life but, boy, am I ever happy I got one.  It was in the 30’s today.  I ran to Marshall’s and invested in this gawdawful hat and gloves.  I have my new “snood” on –  another item that has been added to my stylish wardrobe and vocabulary.

The Mister says he feels pretty safe that no one is going to try to pick me up on the street.

Hope you’re staying warm!

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  1. I am a member of the puffer coat club…I actually just added a second one to my coat collection! My husband has a US Navy issued “snowsuit” that he wore on the submarine when he was near the north pole and I have considered pulling it out at times to keep warm…lol…you can imagine how fashionable that would be! LOVE the hat!!!

    So excited to hear about your adventures in Boston! I am taking notes as my step-son is in Boston for school and I will be up visiting him at some point…hopefully when it is a little warmer! Somehow I doubt he is scoping out the cute shops and restaurants while he is at school!

  2. Just posted your urn pictures on Pinterest…….so fun to Pin. Hope the coat is down and you should get the gloves with the fingers out so you can text. Go to the Kennedy Library, this is the 50th Anniversary of JFK's death. My mother had a dozen SNOODS….I still have one!

  3. Katie, I remember when we arrived in Ohio from Houston and winter was approaching…..I went shopping, fast. UGGs and a puffer coat. I've since had time to refine it a bit, but there is an adjustment period. I swear my husband and I were cold for the first year we were up here! I think one's body has to adjust! Those urns are so simple, yet stunning. That's what I talkin' about. Don't you love Newbery Street! A Ritz bar window table for people watching, good hair salons, Hermes, gallerys and wonderful little resturants for lunch. AND a Neimans and Saks right down the street! You have it all and the cold weather! Looking good. Enjoy

    Warmly, Kathleen

  4. LOVE Newberry St. Used to go there all the time when my son was in school in the area. We used to get such good breakfasts and lunches at Stephanies…one of his faves. Great shopping and my oh my don't you look like a celeb in hiding! Were the paparazzi chasing you down? Hows the unpacking coming along? I know its a lot of work but oh so exciting!

  5. Newbury is a treasure trove and you are a styling diva! From that “fabulous” hat to the jogging pants, fear the mister is correct.

  6. Katie,
    Looooking Goooood! I remember when I first moved to Green Bay, burrrrr! First year is verrrrry cold, but then we adjusted and it didn't seem really cold till it got into the low teens. The kids always had recess till it got into the single digits. I'll be meeting my sister in Boston in April, should be much better weather! You should be thawing out by then! Have fun exploring!

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