Favorite Things by #2

I asked my #2 to do a Favorite Things post.  And just like the perfect daughter that she is, she happily complied.  You’re perfect too, #1, and I will spread the word if you write a post for your old Mama too!


Warby Parker eyeglasses. The only lenses I want to look through. These are beyond cute.  They’re even cuter in person.  We visited the shop on Newbury Street.

If you can’t tell, I have a bit of a fetish for tortoise shell glasses.

Two things: Tory Burch and home. Never before has Tory designed for the home; until now. The new line premiered this week. 
Of all the things on my list, this is the one that I truly gotta-have.
This is my favorite time of year for one reason: sweet scented candles. If I could fill my room with Bath & Body Works scented candles I would. Then again, I would also set fire to my apartment. And that wouldn’t be good.

I’m including this scarf  just to drive my mom a little crazy. No, I am not a cat person, but I love the idea of them and their adorable pictures, therefore, this scarf is my first obsession. It is an adorable scarf all wrapped up and, as if it couldn’t get any better, when unraveled there’s a lovely cat portrait. 
This Patagonia pullover. 
I live in Virginia. Virginia is cold. Therefore, I need to get this. Right?


Phillip Lim for Target sweater, now in stores. And, yes, that is a bedazzled collar. But in the most perfect way possible.

Because I definitely don’t have enough purses… this is one of Phillip Lim’s for Target. It’s $55. That’s basically like giving it away.


One of my favorite stores, Madewell,  that has lots of my favorite things.


Thanks, #2, for a fabulous list of your favorite things!!

This is my new view from Blog Central for the next 3 weeks.  It looks so much prettier at night!

Hope your weekend is filled with all of your favorite things!!

9 responses

  1. I like the comment at the top;) We mom's have to keep things fair right!? I recently saw the TB pillows.. so cute! and such lovely style in clothes. Have a nice weekend Katie! xxL

  2. Love your view from your temporary perch Katie. This has been such a big move. Glad you've invested in some pieces to keep you warm and toasty. You will need them. The shopping will be so fab in Boston.
    xx, Heather

  3. Okay- WHERE are you,Katie? I love #2's picks! One of my kids has something with those party animals on it- SOOO funny.
    Bed, Bath & Beyond has a candle called Cinnamon and Clove Buds and it makes you feel like you have been baking all day. They can't keep them in stock so I buy them early. I got one for each girl for a stocking stuffer-gonna give it to them early for St. Nick's Day- xo Diana

  4. Great picks #2…you always manage to help me with my Christmas shopping for my girls! And, please don't tell hubby Tory now has a home line…he'll have a heart attack for sure!! That view is amazing, and yes, I imagine gorgeous at night with all the lights.

  5. Katie & #2,
    she seems to be a very stylish girl, your #2! Very good taste, the tortoise shell glasses are my favs. Great view, bet at night with the lights it's gorgeous!
    PS. If you click on my pinterest on my side bar, I've got wedding pics on a board labeled Kate & Josh's wedding. Hope you get a chance to check them out! Will be posting them eventually.

  6. Great job #2! What a beautiful array of favorites! Katie, I'm sure that the 3 weeks in your temporary spot will pass quickly. I love that you are taking advantage of your “urban life” to enjoy the shops and sites nearby!

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