My dear buddy, Dude, is doing a guest post today covering her trip to Italy that she enjoyed a couple of months ago.

If you say the word” Italy” to Katie, the first thing to come to her mind would be….GEORGE CLOONEY (no, not Rome, The Vatican, Capri, Florence, pasta, wine , mozzarella…but, George Clooney and only George Clooney!!!) So when I told her we were going to Italy for a big anniversary she immediately gave me a “high priority assignment “…FIND GEORGE CLOONEY!!! Ok, ok, I’ll try…so, off to Lake Como for my mission!!

Wow, I can see why he lives here …the mountains towering from the magnificent lake up  to the sky.

Church bells echo through the mountains… ferries ziz-zag the lake.

Beautiful 14 foot double windows… even though it was the end of October, we had the windows open all the time, soaking in the views and the sounds of the boats, church bells, sea gulls, etc. on the lake.

The landscapes of  cypress and pines set on mountains would take your breath away…

Here’s his villa…

But, no Georgio sightings….so off to search the rest of the lake…

Unfortunately, my “where’s Georgio?” journey was not a success, but I enjoyed my assignment!

I think I deserve a cocktail for all the work I put into this tough job!!

Arrivederci, Georgio!
(til the next visit…)

Photo by Lindsay Nolan

Thank you, Dude, for a great post!!  You have been promoted from Paparazzi/Celebrity Stalker Correspondent to International Travel Diva.

Hope your weekend is filled with George Clooney sightings and/or great holiday shopping deals!

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  1. OMG…this brings back memories. Hubby and I had the good fortune to stay in Lake Como as well. It is beautiful. We did see George's home while on a boat cruise to Bellagio. Love everything about it. Cannot wait to go back!!

  2. What an amazing trip!!! So beautiful! I am dying to visit Italy but it's just not in the cards right now….I am hoping I can tag along on one of my husband's business trips to France this spring if I am lucky! I love to travel…thanks Dude for sharing!!!

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