Dude’s "Aha" Moment & the Giveaway

The other morning Dude called me.  She started stammering about some “pictures” and she said she was trying to decide whether or not to send them to me for the blog.  I couldn’t get the jest of what she was trying to tell me.

I finally stopped her in her tracks and said:

Wait a minute, sister… I will have NO frontal nudity on my blog!!  

Dude told me that there were no nude photos involved – just some pics from Homegoods.  I was quite relieved, to say the least!    

And now I present:

Dude’s “Aha” Moment 

Omg!!!!!  I was in Home Goods the other day picking up a few things when I had a MAJOR “Aha” fashion moment…. yes,  a fashion moment in Homegoods (go figure)……well, I was totally drawn to a fab item (in my opinion) that I couldn’t wait to throw in my cart! It was was a furry cape/poncho/capelet (whatever… ).  

Please don’t make fun of Dude’s fat legs.

So sad… how does she find pants to fit her?

And those cankles!!!!

Would someone please give her the 1-800-JENNYCRAIG number?

Then,  I saw more … I wanted all of them, I filled my cart with a black, a teal and a camel faux fur cape…  I  couldn’t resist a linen, then  I saw a silk taffeta with beading! Wait a minute… Omg……. they ‘re not Capes/capelets……..they’re Christmas  tree skirts!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am totally embarrassed now that I’ve gone back to Homegoods and looked at everything again …. Oh well… 

Ps… There r a lot of Xmas tree skirts that I didn’t take because they r sooo ugly…believe me I only liked the solid colors, no bells and whistles.


Now, after I saw her pictures, I decided there was NO WAY that I would allow Dude to out do me!  No sirree!  So as soon as I hung up the phone, I threw on my extra puffy puffer coat and ran down Boylston Street to the closest Marshall’s in my ‘hood.  

I marched in with one thing on my mind: 
tree skirts.

Guess Dude forgot to tell me you have to be 5’9″ and 105 lbs to pull this look off….

Hope you’re rockin’ your outfit today!

One day left for my giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

20 responses

  1. Have been waiting to share with you the site of an AWESOME HomeGoods! This is the PERFECT opportunity – Norwell, Exit 14 (most direct exit).
    This is my Christmas gift to you Katie!

  2. I am still laughing….hysterically!

    I just entered your give away! I NEVER win anything and I have never entered a blog give away, but this week when Jennifer had that amazing give away at TPP and your adorable stamp give away, I decided to give my luck a try. If I don't win, it's prob because I am going to win the Mega Millions tomorrow…lol.

  3. Hilarious! I need to find a white elephant gift for a party, maybe I'll just find a super ugly tree skirt and say, rather than an ugly Christmas SWEATER, it is an ugly Christmas cape!

  4. I was in Home Goods last week, saw the tree skirts draped over hangers, and for a moment I was looking at them as clothing too. Hysterically funny that she would take it one step further and write and take photographs about this. MADE MY DAY.

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