One Year Ago

I could not let this day go by without recognizing the precious lives that were lost one year ago today.

This is a video of a mother who lost her beautiful 6 year-old daughter, Emilie on that fateful day. She shares with us what the tragedy has taught her. It is a beautiful testament to love, courage and carrying on.

Grab a tissue.

The beautiful children and courageous adults that senselessly lost their lives in Sandy Hook are in my thoughts and prayers.  The families of the victims ask to honor the anniversary with “acts of kindness” or volunteerism.  

6 responses

  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt testimony! AMEN!! Praying for all. A dear friend just lost her 20 year old daughter, she was struck by a car. She had been adopted years ago, struggled with mental illness, yet was LOVED by so many in her short time here. God uses even the smallest of these for His kingdom's work.

  2. THAT is powerful, I almost didn't watch it knowing I would be balling and it did not disappoint in that regard… I keep all those affected near and dear to my heart. The tragedy is almost impossible to grasp and all we can do is hold them in our hearts and hope they can be whole again. In her short time here what a remarkable little girl she was. Thank for remembering and honoring them Kate.

  3. I agree I almost didn't watch it. But if Emile's Mother could make it than why shouldn't I be strong enough to watch it. There are no words to describe the loss of a child. Sandy Hook a scar on American society. Once again Katie you have brought us to a better place. Thank you for this video.

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