It’s Closing Day!! – And My Giveaway!

Today, we became homeowners again.  This is our new very old  house.  It was built in 1890 – the same year my dear, departed grandmother, Margaret, was born. I’m thinking this is a good omen.

The house was owned and loved by its former owners for twenty years.  They hosted their daughter’s wedding in the back yard a few years ago.  Because of this, my girls have nicknamed their new home as “The Father of the Bride House.”

Their house….

Our house….

We are just a few doors down from the General Store otherwise known as the “Genny.”  The Genny is charming, serving hot coffee daily – and even includes wine in their inventory.  I consider this an even better omen.  Attached to the Genny is a post office where we I pick up our mail.  Not so sure I’m crazy about this arrangement. Who needs snail-mail anyway!

I will post photos of the inside of the house in the weeks ahead.  We will begin some renovation projects in the beginning of the year after the girls get out of my hair go back to college.   

I better get the Mister a nice shovel with a big red bow on it for Christmas.
This is the cute little barn.  Picture was taken on a much warmer day.
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!

Not much time left on my giveaway…

Every year we produce a limited edition of 100 CRAWFORD BOUTIQUE’S silver Holiday ornaments.
Made by hand in sterling silver with a festive red silk ribbon.
Designed originally as a Christmas tree ornament, but have been popular as graduation and commemorative gifts for that special year. Equally fun as hostess gifts and they look fabulous around a bottle of wine!

The 2013 edition strictly limited to 100.
Hurry and order soon – these are becoming a collector’s item! 

30 responses

  1. Wow! Looks like heaven, such a beautiful house. They really knew how to build houses back in the day. Can't wait to see pics of the inside once you settle in.

  2. Your new old home is beautiful! I love New England homes. I can picture your home all decked out for Christmas next year. I'm sure your little village will welcome you with open arms. Too bad the weather didn't! Four (counting tomorrow's) snowstorms so far. By the way, does Steve Carell own the general store?

  3. Katie, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! Seriously GORGEOUS! Am I being redundant? Can't wait to see the inside and what you do to it!

  4. Katie,
    congrats on your closing and once again having “roots”! Your house is gorgeous! I fell in love with New England last year when I visited my niece at Dartmouth in Hanover NH, all the houses were amazing and the town was like a postcard! It was so beautiful it took your breath away. You're gonna have so much fun getting settled in, putting the house in order and exploring! Can't wait to see more!

  5. WOW!! That is GORGEOUS!! How beautiful…so picture perfect New England and you get a barn too? Just fabulous Kate. A big hearty congratulations to you. I love the idea of picking up your charming (except when there is a blizzard). I cannot wait to see more…..enjoy the process!

  6. OMG! I am in love with this Historic home!! I have an old home too and I want to love new but I gravitate towards this style home always.. This is just fabulous!! I cannot wait to see the interior house tour!!

  7. Beautiful home, Katie! Can't wait to see the interior and any renovations! My son and his family live in Boston and would love to own an old home like yours. They live in a beautiful condominium across the street from the Bunker Hill Monument. Their building is believed to be the second oldest in Boston! Take the Freedom Trail and you will walk right by their house. Love your blog.

  8. Your new house is beautiful! I can't wait to see you turn it into your home! I've been terrible about checking, but do think of you often. Hope you and your sweet family had a very Merry Christmas and 2014 will bring you much joy and happiness!


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