Christmas at Sista’s

To those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope it was a merry one. As many were nestled by the fire with cookies baking in the oven, we spent the big day emptying a few more boxes – we did make a short escape, though. The four of us went to see The Wolf of Wall Street, the much anticipated Leo DiCaprio movie. About an hour into the movie we all realized that we should have stayed home and finished up the few boxes we had left. #2 was so bored she looked up the run time; 3 hours – okay, 2 hours and 59 minutes. By a unanimous vote, we left early. Can’t even remember the last movie that I just had to walk out on. 
Highlight of that hour and a half that I wasted: my bag of peanut M&Ms. 

Anywho, since my holiday photos would consist of cardboard, paper, and a dash of eye rolling, I called on Sista to send me some of her pics to give me a taste of her holiday.  If you are new to my blog, you can catch up on Sista’s beautiful home here and here.


Love Sista’s door decor!

Lady Annabel… Sista’s niece with her letter for you-know-who.  She did not include everything on her list.  She told her parents that she also secretly asked for a BIG gift.  She wouldn’t spill the beans what it was, either.

Sista’s beautiful table.

Soooo jealous Sista has a fireplace in her dining room!

Nef #2 enjoying some holiday spirit with Mr. Max.
Sweet Edna (Sista’s MIL) with crazy Wiley.  Wiley is convinced that she is a 5 lb. lap dog. 

Lady Annabel’s wish came true!!  She got a fish that looked just like Nemo!

Life is good.

Best buds… Mr. Max and George Clooney.  Obviously, George’s sweater was a Christmas gift.  He usually chews them to pieces.

Crazy Wiley looking for another lap to occupy.

Hope your next few days are filled with rest and relaxation!

Life is good in Mr. Max’s world.

9 responses

  1. I love seeing all the children and pups enjoying Christmas! Your sisters entryway was lovely! Thanks for the heads up on the Wolf, I will avoid that one!! Did you see American Hustle yet? Need a review of that too!

  2. May your boxes be in the past and bottles of Chardonnay be in your future! (A friend and her husband walked out of the movie after a half hour.)

  3. By next year you will look back and hardly remember the boxes that decorated your home during the holidays! Hope you are getting settled in and enjoying the time having your girls at home!

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