Weekend Chuckle

My good buddy, Ace, posted this on Facebook and I got a kick out of it.  Hope you do too!


An old man and woman were married for many years. 
Whenever there was a confrontation, yelling could be
heard deep into the night. The old man would shout,
“When I die, I will dig my way up and out of the grave
and come back and haunt you for the rest of your life!”

Neighbors feared him, and the old man liked the fact that he was feared.
To everyone’s relief, he died of a heart attack when he was 98.

His wife had a closed casket at the funeral. And, after the burial,
her neighbors, concerned for her safety, asked,
“Aren’t you afraid that he may indeed be able to dig his way out
of the grave and haunt you for the rest of your life?”

The wife said, “Let him dig. I had him buried upside down.

And I know he won’t ask for directions.”

Happy Weekend!!!

This pretty much sums up the weather in Massachusetts.

11 responses

  1. We are watching the Patriots' game right now and seeing the terrible, terrible weather. I'd almost rather have snow than rain but with as much rain appears to be falling you'd have quite a lot of snow! I wouldn't want to wish that on my Boston family and friends – you've had enough!

  2. Katie,
    tooooo funny!! Just like a man! Just got back from CA, don't faint, the weather out there was in the mid to high 70's and gorgeous the whole time except for 2 days out of the 2 weeks! While there, my sister and I made our reservations to fly into Boston in mid April, can't wait!

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