A Very Special Birthday

Happy 92nd Birthday
 Betty White. 

You have been one of my favorite actresses for as long as I can remember.

Not only are you beautiful, you are one of the great comedic talents of our time.

And your words of wisdom are priceless.

Thank you , Betty White,  for being the epitome of grace, beauty, humor,  and above all else, making aging the golden years look so darn fun!

In the spirit of Betty White’s 92nd, make someone laugh today!

9 responses

  1. I love her, too, Katie. I still love the old Golden Girls that come on late at night. She was amazing and played such a dumb character…and she is really one smart cookie. I loved her on Mary Tyler Moore, too. xo Diana

  2. Isn't she just a gorgeous human being? I can remember her since I was just a wee girl, and I admired her for her stand on animal rights and how much she loves the furry ones! And her humor…on Mary Tyler Moore…oh dear, what a riot. She is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    HI KATIE! Thank you for coming over to visit! I hope you new year is off to a good start! Finals are this week, so I'm a bit busy grading!

    Enjoy your evening and coming weekend! Anita

  3. Great genes, she has aged with grace and wit. Only sad thing…not sure she ever had any kids? I sometimes wonder that about super successful women, were they able to have children along the way. Of course don't know that was ever her desire.

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