First Room Reveal

It has started.  The Mother of all Blizzards is here with a vengeance.  Everything that was suppose to happen tomorrow has been cancelled.  The meteorologists are bursting with glee.  The supermarkets are packed with people expecting to be snowed in until Spring.  I never made it to the grocery store.  I have plenty of coffee and wine – my two favorite food groups.  Instead, I visited two Homegoods and bought a table and a rug.   If I’m going to be snowed in for awhile, I want to be surrounded by pretty things.  At least that’s what I’m telling the Mister. 

So here is my first post of my new very old house. 
Guess who’s favorite room was finished first?  Let me give you a hint… it wasn’t mine.    
Here’s another hint… the third floor houses the Mister’s playroom, his bathroom, his closet and my itty bitty office, blog central.  The reason that the Mister’s bathroom and closet are on the third floor is that he is crazy gets up every morning at 4AM to work out and get ready for work.  Need I tell you that a woman of my tender years, extreme early middle age, needs her beauty sleep.
Up the stairs he goes…
The former owners used this space as an office.
My Mister had better ideas…

Welcome to the Mister’s playroom.

This is where the Mister builds his really big muscles… I just put that in there because I want him to be a little bit more forgiving on my decorating budget.

Mister spent hours folding his mats and towels.

These are the only two possessions I have in this Utopia of Manhood.   The top is a weight belt that supposedly helps you burn calories if you wear it while going about your busy day.  The other two sad little purple things are hand weights.  I think they are suppose to make your hands so heavy that you can’t lift your fork to your mouth.  
I’ve used both of them at least four times.  
They don’t work.
  Maybe I’ll sell them on ebay.
The former owners bathroom.

The Mister’s bathroom.  
He decided to go for a much more macho color.  
I call it testosterone tan. 

The Mister found this little chest and the one next to his sink on one of my millions of visits to Homegoods in Plymouth and Norwell.  He was so proud of himself!

And last but not least…. the Mister’s closet.
Drum roll please…

Looks like the Rangers have been replaced by the Red Sox.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” 
…my Mister’s mantra.
If you are being hit by the snow
 stay warm and safe.  
If you’re in a nice warm, sunny climate
 I hate you. 
just kidding.

A dog after my own heart….

22 responses

  1. If I had a workout room that was that fabulous, I might just start working out! Looks like you are getting nicely settled….anxious to see more of your lovely new (old) home!

    Stay warm…we had a snow day today and NO SNOW appeared…lol!

  2. Love all the slanted walls and ceilings! Perfect for a home gym. Wish I could say I would probably workout more if I had a gym like that at home, but let's be honest shall we???…I would consider my trip up the stairs to get there my workout! LOL

  3. First of all, I love the Mister's playroom and closet! My husband would be jealous. Don't you love the sheer joy that the weather forecasters get when a storm is coming? Here in PA we didn't get the 12 inches predicted–maybe 6 so far. But that's 6 too many inches for me. The first things that the grocery stores run out of are milk and bread. I like to picture people sitting around their fireplaces with no power eating bread and drinking milk! Have you seen the youtube video called Bread and Milk? Funny. Thanks for always entertaining us!

  4. Katie,
    now that's my kind of play room, except, for the exercise equipment! Amazing room, love all the quirks and floors. Looks like you found an amazing house, can't wait to see more! I have a pair of vintage snow shoes you can borrow when you run out of coffee/wine and need to “sush” down to the grocery store! (Is that a word? spell check doesn't have a clue so maybe not, but I think you get the idea)!

  5. Totally awesome and wonderful room! MyHero works out in the basement and he has one of those special “belts”, too.'s not working for him either. I love all the angles in there. xo Diana

  6. Hi Katie,

    Your narrative makes me laugh;) ..our husbands and their toys! It's a lot of give and take and hopefully you will get that decorating budget you need/want/must have!! The hardwoods are so pretty and I'm sure your new home will be beautiful when all decorated!

  7. Great wall color, windows are amazing. Wow, I wouldn't know where to start on all that equipment. Looks like fitness is a priority for your Mister. If you could see our sad corner of the third garage that we've “transformed” (i.e. put down old sisal rug and topped with eliptical and weight bench) to a workout space…well let's just say I'm inspired. Sorry the weight belt didn't work after 4 attempts. Smart to cut your losses.

  8. I think you and I have the same workout, gear, Katie. Wait, did you sell yours on Ebay already because maybe I actually have yours. No, mine has too much dust on it. Love The Mister's room. I like watching other people working out. Styay warm. It is minus 4 here this morning. xo Laura

  9. That is some man cave. Love it wel love everything but the exercise equipment 🙂 Not a fan of it but know its importance:) 4 AM? I thought I was an early bird. I can see “Mr. big muscles” takes his workout very seriously…see I am earning more brownie points with HIM so YOU can buy more! What a friend:)

  10. Have the Mister turn that rower machine AROUND… he'll get a much better workout not rowing at the wall!

    LOVE your blog – you always make me and my girls smile!

  11. Swoon swoon swoon! Your house is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see more and if I had that gym and shower, I would be in foxy shape (no really, I wouldn't, but maybe I would bring a beanbag chair and book into the gym and enjoy the sun streaming in!)

  12. The Misters playroom is amazing! Hope HE was the one who carried all that equipment up cause that would have been one whale of a workout! Thanks for explaining what that purple stuff was – who knew!
    Glad you found both HomeGoods! You are probably equidistant to both. Continued good luck in buying your pretties.

  13. What a gorgeous, sun filled room! Although I pity the poor movers who had to carry all of that equipment to the third floor! I'm so impressed with your HomeGoods success. You've inspired me to visit my local store to see if I can find the perfect little pieces to fill in where needed as we move. Stay safe and warm!

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