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Hi everyone.  Didn’t realize I published this one.  Hadn’t even written the text yet.  Getting old really stinks.

As you can figure out, the first photos are the “before” pictures.  

My #2 virtually unpacked and put all my things in just the right spot while I was working on another room.

Got the rug at my favorite Homegoods.

Also got the table at Homegoods.

My #1’s self portrait from high school.

#2 made this in ceramics in high school.

#2 gave this to me.  Just love it.
The B family gave this to us 22 years ago when the Mister and I moved to California.  It has made it through six moves.

Every time I look at this poster I think of how much I loved living in The Woodlands and the wonderful friends we made.

KTG gave me the above paper weight when I started my blog.

She gave me this darling candy dish this Christmas.  I fill it with Caltrate chews – the candy for busy, fun women over 50 30.

KTG and her our mama, Miss Ellie.

My much older Sista and me.

This is holy toile.  Ann F., a wonderful lady that I have known all my life wrote me the sweetest note when I started my blog.  It lifted my spirits and inspires me to write.  

Needlepoint pillow of my high school.

Dude, Mary H. and I met in NYC a few years ago.  This is a remembrance of a great day.

That’s it for Blog Central.

Have a great week!

Sista’s babies… George Clooney and Max

18 responses

  1. Love your chick room (as my DH wold say)! I can not wait to see the rest of your home; it looks like my dream home.
    Dawn : )
    PS HomeGoods is my favorite too!

  2. Oh wow. I love the Blue. It looks amazing. I am very sentimental. I keep precious thing from my children and sisters. I love the personal touches. What great art. I love the personal and special space.

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