Room Reveal brought to you by Gypsy

Hi everybody!  It’s me again reporting in from the never-ending renovation.  I’m beginning to wonder if Mom has adopted the two guys who have been doing all the painting around here.  They are here every day.  I think the reason they’ve been hanging around is she bakes cookies for them.  I can tell they are starting to get on her nerves though.  They keep screwing up the Internet and security system.  Not to mention the fact that I have to live behind a gate in the laundry room because the painters say I “help” too much.

Before I do the Room Reveal, look who I spied out my window the other day.  Not sure what it is, but Mom oohed and aahed when she saw it.  Don’t remember seeing any of these in my fenced yard in Texas.  Whatever it is, it seems to feel the same way about those stupid red flags as I do.

This is a picture of me on moving day.  At last!  windows I can actually see out of!!
On with the Room Reveal.  Mom told Dad that the sun room is her favorite room.  Dad likes to hear Mom say nice things about the house because it was all his idea to buy it.  Mom wanted a brand new house with shiny new potties and so every time something goes wrong with the house, Mom shakes her head and gives Dad a dirty look.  Poor Dad, I’ve gotten a few of those looks…

Mom has been dreaming about new potties for weeks. They’re finally here.  It’s so darn cold, I may learn how to use one!

The next two pics were taken when the last owners lived here.   


and here it is after Mom got her hands on it.  To tell the truth though, Dad picked out the furniture and Mom OKed it.  A good day for Dad.

Those are real apples, by the way.  I know this because I got in BIG trouble when I tried to grab one.  

I can’t wait to curl up on this nice comfy chair.  I haven’t had a chance though because Mom has been watching me very closely since I tried to swipe the apple.

Mom says she loves the ceiling.  Who cares about a silly ceiling?

Mom reads in here at night and drinks a glass or two of Mommy juice.

This is what it looks like today in the snow storm.  Mom says it looks pretty but “enough is enough.”  She is ready for Spring and so am I! 

That’s all for now, folks.  
Time for my nap.  
This blogging thing is exhausting!!
Checking out from home behind the gate.

22 responses

  1. Love Gypsy's point of view! You probably wrote exactly what she was thinking! Thanks for writing it all down for her. I also, love those chairs!!

  2. LOVE your sunroom!!!! Now if you can just have some sun instead of snow! I absolutely love the red gingham side chairs…so classy looking but cozy too. I am sure you will spend many hours in your sunroom enjoying your beautiful view. I love your taste!

    Stay warm!!!

  3. Gypsy, tell your Mom that if the sun room looks this fabulous in the snow it's going to be a real knockout when the sun really does shine!

  4. Great Job! Love everything you picked out! Off to a great start! I too love new houses with everything shiny and clean, but they just don't compare with old houses that have so much character. From what you've shared, it looks as if your new home will be absolutely gorgeous when you're done with it. Barbara P from MA

  5. Katie,
    your snow er I mean sun room is gorgeous! Your hubby did a great job picking out the furniture, very cozy and comfy looking. I love red, (one of the colors I use a lot), it really warms up your room. the light those fabulous windows let in is amazing! Looks like you've got a great start on the renovations! Can't wait to see more!

  6. Gypsy is so cute Katie and I can tell she's full of personality. Your new home is coming along nicely, potties and all! The sun room is crisp and bright. I love the windows and the lighting and I too would enjoy spending time there:) As we prepare to make a move ourselves (ugh) I'm reading your recent blog posts and realizing I'll be dealing with a lot of this too. We will be taking a existing home down to the base and building up. It's going to be horrible.. but hopefully worth it when it's done.

  7. This is so darling Gypsy (I mean aka Katie!). Loved this post as told by a short little member of the family. You have done a fantastic job with the sun room. It's so light and airy. The snow is gorgeous but I'm sure you are getting sick of it. I lived in Michigan for 2 years and was over it for life.
    Happy weekend!

  8. Dear Gypsy,
    Just think of the fun stories you will be able to share once those two new friends (who carry paint brushes) leave you and your mom alone to enjoy the sun room.
    I can hardly wait to read your next post.
    Until then, have a great weekend and stay warm little buddy.

  9. That is a room I could live in forever! Such incredible light. And those ceilings!! Architectural Digest will be ringing your doorbell any minute! Excellent report, Gypsy! Your mom has a very talented staff of blog contributors!

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