Marble or Granite?

My sentiments exactly!  
Good Morning, Everyone!  Hope y’all you guys had a wonderful weekend.  The Mister and I spent our time running errands and taking care of dreary domestic stuff. 

The Mister and I went to pick out the slabs for the kitchen counter tops.  Best part was we had to wear hard hats.  I couldn’t stop humming YMCA under my breath. The Mister did not want to give his hat back when we were leaving.

Our kitchen designer is trying to talk us out of cararra marble because of the whole maintenance/etching issue.  We looked at some granite that resembled marble.   The Mister and I love the look of marble and feel that since we don’t have young children and the Mister is a living, breathing Felix Unger – we will have no problem taking care of it.  We also have 2 large walk-in pantries that we can use to do our prep work.  I would love to hear your thoughts on marble or granite.  Should we be safer and get granite or live on the edge and order the marble?  

The renovation is moving along.  The painters’ last day is on Wednesday!  I can’t wait to actually be alone in my house.  Won’t last for long though – the kitchen renovation begins within two weeks. 

Sista sent me this adorable video.  My prediction is this kid is going to be a star. 

By the way, I have always signed off my e-mails to #1 and #2 like this:

(WOW upside down).

Hope your Monday feels like a Friday! 

30 responses

  1. I had the same debate going on at my house. I ended up going with White Princess quartzite on my island and when I see lemon juice on it, I'm glad it's not marble. That said, I do love white calcutta gold marble or statuary white. Sometimes the carrara marble is too gray for me. Looking forward to seeing you guys pick out!!!

  2. We had the same debate, too. I found white macabus quartzite (a natural stone mined in Brazil which is actually harder than granite).
    It looks like marble, with gray veining, but more linear. We think it is marvelous. It looks terrific in our 1920's house.

  3. I also prefer and love the look of marble but I would stress myself out about maintaining it. When I eventually do my kitchen, I will probably check out the newer “man made” materials that are supposed to look like marble. Nancy at “Always in a Southern State of Mind” got something in her kitchen that resembles Carrara marble but it's more durable.

    I saw the clip of the little boy shoveling on GMA this morning and laughed out loud! We are expecting more snow on Wednesday but out winter has been nothing compared to yours! I am just sick of the cold weather!

  4. I too love the look, but would constantly worry about it and the upkeep. I know Megan (Honey We're Home) has it in her kitchen and loves it! And, she has a little one. We opted for Corian. I love that I can have scratches buffed out if need be. We are under another Winter Weather Warning!!! Should be interesting come tomorrow.

  5. I love the look of marble but I would probably freak out if it got etched or stained. I can't wait to see the work in progress – I am totally envious of any new kitchen because mine is circa 1985! LOVE the video and the dog pic – hope he is right!

    Have a fantastic week! xoxo

  6. OK that video is a riot…he is destined for showbiz……very cute!

    You know my vote goes for marble. I have had it for the last 15 years and wouldn't have considered anything else…nothing in my book can even hold a candle next to marble!!!! If you seal it well…you will be fine. I use my kitchen A LOT and do a lot of cooking and let me tell you any small things that have happened (very few) just add to the character and patina, its even prettier now than it was when it went in……just look at Europe and how long its graced so many places. Very exciting!!

  7. I have granite and I want to rip it off! Its 14 years old.. wasn't thinking back then! I love marble, Danby Calcutta is great too and now super white quartz which is man made looks so much like Cararra yet no maintenance! I know its tough you have to ask yourself are you type A then stains will make you crazy, I don't mind staining on marble and now they can do a 10- year treatment to help protect the surface! Now. I want to do my counters, see what you started!!

  8. I have granite in every bathroom and in the kitchen all around. I would trade it in a minute for marble. If it does get stained, who cares. Like a fine wrinkle on your husband's face…would you care? Granite is not easy to care for either. Go with the one you love and don't regret your choice for a minute.

  9. I have had both. I love the looks of marble but the durability of granite. I love the patina that marble acquires over time but it really does stain easily even with a heavy sealant on it. There are several high quality products now that mimic marble but are much more durable. I think it comes down to a matter of your heart's desire. xo Diana

  10. This is totally a personal opinion. I think there comes a time in our lives when we should chunk practicality out the window. My mom was so practical in ruined me. There is nothing like your timeless marble. I have soap stone on an island and I love the little scratches and used look it gets. It just adds so much character. Quartz is great also. I saw someone above thinks so also:) Granite is great. But I would 100% go with the marble. It is classic , timeless and looks beautiful.

  11. I have granite and never again – it makes my OCD tendencies even worse – worrying about spilling wine/lemon juice etc. also now wish I'd had honed rather than polished. Next time will go down the Corian or Ceasarstone route. On the subject of Marble take a look at the Sassy Radish blog, she's a professional cook and is redoing her kitchen in her new apartment in Brooklyn. She's chosen marble and has lots of hints for maintenance etc. posts have only been in the last week or so.

  12. If I were in your shoes – no kids at home and neat – I would get marble in a heartbeat. Every kitchen designer everywhere tries to talk people out of marble, but those who go ahead and get it never seem to regret it. As long as you know about the etching – and can live with that – you will love it. There's nothing more lovely in a kitchen. I say, go for it! Can't wait to see what you choose.

  13. I see a hard hat in someone's future! There is no conversation MARBLE!!!! Maybe designate an area for prep space, hot items etc and use a large chopping block or have it built into the counter. Etching Smetching…… gives it character kind of like us.
    Those kids are the cutest ever. Thanks for the laughs.

  14. Hello! I have Carrerra Marble countertops and I love them. It's been 8 years with 4 children (ages 4-23) and they are still beautiful. Is there etching? Yes. Chips? A few. Stains? No-not even the imfamous 4 year old and a black Sharpie. I have the hone finish, square edge detail that was sealed after installed, resealed a few times (honetly should do more often) over the years and to me they are aging beautifully. There are a few chips to the square edge especially above the dishwasher but for me it's not a deal breaker. There is etching but you only notice it at a certain angle and in certain lighting. As far as stains, I have had no problems. I was very nervous in the beginning and jumped into action as soon as coffee, tea or whatever was on the counter but they all wiped up easily. I have found that BarKeepers Friend removes most anything…even that black Sharpie. My counters are used (and abused) daily…cooking, homework, school projects, craft projects etc. When we renovated our 1910 home I wanted a “utilitarian” kitchen, one that fit the age of our home, purely functional but still up to date. We went with white cabinets, dark stained wood floors and Carrerra marble subway backsplash. For the counters it was between black soapstone or the Carrerra marble. At the stone dealer looking at all the slabs the marble won my heart with its gray veining. I loved it then and still do now. I would do marble again. I guess its a personal decision but you are right…it is the two of you, no little ones to abuse it. I say go for it!!

  15. Get marble. I was almost talked out of hardwood and crema marfil marble in my last bathroom (water on wood, gasp, horrors?!) and they were both fabulous to look at and maintenance was just fine. Resale shmesale, get what you love. Awesome video!

  16. Hi Katie,

    I have Carrerra Marble countertops AND black granite. I was worried that it would be tough to maintain so I decided to do both. That said, our new place will have ALL marble. It's a delicate stone so it does show etching etc.. but it's not a big deal and just adds to the appeal over time. If you have you have several kids running around, I can understand the concern but with just the two of you it shouldn't be a problem. One of the things that I always remember to do is to wipe the counter down after entertaining. The marks show up when foods and liquids sit on the marble for prolonged periods of time. Hope all this helps and whatever decision you make will be the right one:)

  17. oh- my hopes of ever upgrading beyond my black laminate have gone up in smoke 🙂 Soooo- I say go for either one and just enjoy the heck out of them!! Will love to hear which you decided to do!

  18. I'm not qualified to weigh in on this one. We redid our kitchen last year and got granite, and I love it. However, the original counters were white laminate, so I was beyond thrilled with any upgrade. I still have kids at home and am not quite Felix Unger, so granite works for me.

    I've been browsing around your blog since it's my first time here – love it! I can imagine that this winter in Boston makes you long for warmer climates. I'm so done with the snow, but we have another storm coming in tomorrow night.

  19. I've got granite countertops and a marble top kitchen table. I love both. I'd say that if you and the Mister have your heart set on marble, you should go for it! It would be sad to put all that work into the kitchen and have regrets about the countertop. Love, love, love Kid President. He makes me giggle!

  20. Our black granite is three years old…love the look but not the hard water stains that appear white around my faucet that I wipe down and clean endlessly. If I could do it over again, I'd go with marble. Good luck with your decision. 🙂

  21. I love the look of marble, but not the fragility. So, we went with granite. And, I love it. Solid dark grey in a white kitchen with a white four oven AGA- my dream cooker! I cannot wait to see your kitchen!!

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