Room Reveal

Hello Everyone.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  My #2 left on Saturday after spending a week in the nest.  It was a really quiet week because she was studying almost every minute of it.  The Mister and I are perplexed as to where she got her study habit gene.  Certainly not from either of us.

#2 on one of her few outings during the week.  I miss her already!

#1 will be home in a couple of weeks.  I’ll have to fasten my seat belt for that one.  It will be her last Spring Break as a student!  Instead of the study habit gene, our #1 lucked out with the shop ’til you drop gene from my Sista.


The Room Reveal today centers around the dining room.   The first couple of pictures were taken when we moved in. 

The next picture is of the previous owner’s dining room.

Drum roll please…
The Room Reveal

I am debating as to whether to install window treatments.  I love the windows so much.  The dining room is in the back of the house so we have plenty of privacy.  
Your thoughts? 

I love having a table that I don’t have to worry about scratches or water marks.  It make entertaining so much more relaxed. Especially when Sista forgets to bring her manners. 

I am a plate and platter addict as well as a rooster hoarder.  This buffet gives me plenty of room to store all my great buys from Homegoods.  When I buy something new, I can store it in there for a week and then when the Mister asks me if it is “new” I can tell him that I’ve had it for awhile.  

This weekend, we will christen the room and entertain in it for the first time.  Sista and BIL are coming to visit to celebrate Sista’s birthday.  They haven’t seen the house yet.  Hope Sista remembers to pack her manners.
You can’t walk too far in my house without discovering another rooster.  The Mister tells me that if I buy one more he will put in the the hen house…
Best buy of the week.  I got these cute little plants AND planters for $5.00 each at Whole Foods.

This is what they looked like this morning.  Just realized I left the price tag on the one on the far left.  Pretend you don’t see it.

In honor of Sista’s birthday tomorrow, enjoy something sweet and really old

35 responses

  1. Hi Katie- I love our dining room! It is so elegant; yet very homey. I would leave the windows as is for now. If you do want window treatments perhaps add a valance; this way you would still be able to enjoy your beautiful view. Happy Birthday to Sista – I know you two will have tons of fun! Can”t wait to see the rest of the house. Dawn

  2. Katie it's just gorgeous! I love the shade of blue you selected and I LOVE the chandelier!!!!! I agree….very elegant yet homey. Your birthday celebration with Sista will be the first of many wonderful celebrations in your beautiful dining room!!!

  3. It is beautiful. I love the wall color!! Gorgeous chandelier as well. I used to have the same issue with bunny rabbits (the fam used to remark that they seemed to multiply overnight). I did tire of them after awhile. The roosters are perfect for your lovely French Country (I am assuming) decor. The planters were a steal. Will have to see if our Whole Foods has any. Happy Birthday to your sweet sister!!

  4. Katie – I absolutely love it! Perfect dining room to celebrate birthdays, Thanksgivings and anything in between. I think it looks great the way it is. I am a fabric girl so I would probably add window treatments but something minimal so as not to take away from the beautiful windows. Do you mind sharing what color you used on the walls? You've inspired me to have a long overdue “Martha Moment”. Glad you were able to steal some moments with your beautiful #2. Thank goodness for spring breaks! 🙂

  5. How gorgeous!! You have done a spectacular job and that is some before and after…..beautiful job! My honest opinion is the room is beautiful either way but window treatments always “finish” a room and give it that special crowning touch even if it is just simple panels. Have fun this weekend at the “christening”!

  6. Love what you did to the dining room especially the blue! Your table set looks comfortable
    and might look even more inviting with a larger proportioned rug since the chairs are so
    substantial. If you add curtains, it might present a wonderful dramatic effect. Hope you
    and your guests enjoy many happy meals!

  7. Katie
    your dining room is gorgeous, what a CHANGE, such an improvement from the “before”! I love your table, the mix of rustic and elegance, perfect! So glad you got to spend time with #1 and that #2 will be back soon. I know you miss them like crazy. Have a good time with your sister celebrating her birthday, the perfect way to christen your new dining room!
    We actually had some sunny days with temps in the 60's this week but going back into another cold spell, hope your weather is getting better, I am so over this as I'm sure you are!!

  8. Spectacular! I love it all!! I love the windows as they are but if you find something you like, I think it will only enhance it as you have great taste. Have a great time with your Sista! I'm going to have to visit our Whole Foods…

  9. Love your ceiling medallion, chandy, chairs, wall color,…the whole room! Valances may make the room appear too heavy and not current (in my opinion, of course). To make the room look even more beautiful and finished, I would do simple curtains/drapes (probably linen) with a very slight puddle & hang them on a simple thin iron (black?) curtain rod with small iron rings (also black). I also would be sure that the curtains clear the glass part of the window so as not to block the natural sunlight. I can hardly wait to see what you decide and know that it will be beautiful.

    Karen T.

  10. Love the chairs, dining table etc but would suggest losing the rug, there's something a little off with the colour of the chairs and the blue and it definitely needs to be larger. The windows are lovely, too flouncy curtaining will take away from the beauty of the chairs and as we say in the UK 'over egg the pudding' but some nice roman blinds, even in a sheer muslinny fabric would look good. Either way, it's your home, and the room is beautifully proportioned.

  11. I agree with Lesley! The rug is too small for the room and for the table and chairs. The table is FABULOUS!!!! What a wonderful change from the pepto bismal pink!!! The chandelier is perfect. I love the juxtaposition of bling and rustic.

  12. Katie the dining room looks great! Love the mix of the rustic with the sparkle of the chandelier . Perfect combination for a relaxed yet casual elegant room. Could you share where the table is from I am in search for my dining room as well. Going in the same direction.

  13. I love your blue dining room and agree about having a table that is comfortable and worry-free! The little blue and white jars are perfect! It is my brother's birthday this weekend also and he and his wife are coming to my house to celebrate. You are ahead of me – I need to get to work on my dining room table! Have a great weekend.

  14. Love the room “quiet sophistication” – casual and elegant. Love the windows bare. Especially love the chandelier and the table – any shopping tips where to find such beauties. Enjoy your sista's visit.

  15. Katie, You've done a wonderful job here! The wall color is perfect and I like your table and chairs. Those blue and white containers from Whole Foods are super cute and look pretty on the table. Have fun this weekend with the “christening” 🙂

  16. Let me start over; my ipad is acting crazy and may have published inadvertently. Love your style and will return to read more! We are also empty nesters with one daughter newly married and two sons still in college. Have a great day!

  17. HUGE transformation! Love the blue on the walls and the touches of black, it is a favorite combination of mine. In fact I have a pinboard named Black and White and blue all over
    Happy Saturday

  18. What a great dining room! I love how you have decorated. The WF's planters are a sweet steal. Thx for sharing.

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