A Great Song & A Prom Proposal

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Hope you’re having a restful or fun weekend – or maybe a little bit of both!  Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead today.

This is an adorable video of my favorite guys, Straight No Chaser singing my new favorite song.  

By the way… the title of this song will give you a hint about what I am trying to achieve during Lent.  It was going pretty well ’til some jerk cut me off in the parking lot.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. 

Here’s to better days…

6 responses

  1. Katie- I have never heard them sing this song. I have to tell you that for some reason it just brought me to tears. There are things that we all need to Just Let It Go. Thank you- I really needed to hear this today. I am so glad that she said YES!!!! to him. xo Diana

  2. Katie, thanks for sharing that song. I LOVE Straight No Chaser and have seen them in concert many times, but I've never heard them sing that. Don't you love to watch Jerome? For anyone who hasn't seen them, check out their youtube video of 12 Days of Christmas.

  3. Ha! yes;) I need to have this playing in the background for a while. We have a pending sale on the house and will be reconstructing another. I have been a little tense (grumpy, edgy, intolerant..) to say the least. This too will pass!

  4. Hi Katie,
    Nice to meet you:)

    Ha-ha! Great voices and great song! Can totally relate to your parking lot experience:)

    I'd probably have to play the song twenty times a day, given my low patience!

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