Out With The Old

Hello dear friends.  I was going through my posts and realized I never published this one.  I don’t know whether this will be of any interest to you since you have already seen the Room Reveals but this is all I’ve got for you today.  Lucky I don’t have a real job, I’d probably get fired.  No smart remarks, Mister.

So these are photos of the lighting fixtures that came with the house and the new ones we replaced them with.  As you will see, I am a HUGE fan of Tina’s bell jars over at The Enchanted Home.  By the way, there are going to be four additional bell jars ala Tina that are going to be installed in the pantry and kitchen.  

Is there a recovery group for people addicted to belljars?  Helloooo?  Dr. Drew?  It’s me again… 
Butlers Pantry Before

Dining Room Before

And after

Upstairs hallway before.


These were in the upstairs and downstairs hallways as well as in the den.

Replaced them with these.

Downstairs hallway before.


And this is the new one in the powder room.  I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of the old one.

Old green paint; new beige paint.

And now I have some big news.  

I’m quitting my blog, leaving the Mister, and running away to Italy to be with my new boyfriend.

April Fool’s Day!!!
I knew that you and the Mister would fall for it!  
He’s probably crying with relief at this very minute!

13 responses

  1. you can't quit the blog, what would I do for my laugh everyday. think of Gypsy, she shouldn't be a product of a broken home. Stay with your version of George Clooney, and pretend…….

  2. Hahahaha! As always big smile on my face! Hope my DH doesn't get any ideas about hanging out with CZJ & you & George ;). Love the lighting ! Hugs, Dawn

  3. Wow everything looks AMAZING. Well done!!! My belljars are lucky to be in such a stylish new home:) And if there is such a club….think I need to join too. I have 7 and counting……:)

    Please tell George hello for me:)

  4. Beautiful lighting Katie! Gorgeous chandeliers and Tina's Bell Jars look fabulous. Gosh.. you had me worried there thinking you ran off with George;) xxL

  5. I have a brass one that looks just like that in the same position yours is in. Mine was replaced by crystal too! Love the globes also. Hey — the brass ones are super cute painted a fun color. I'm thinking turquoise or Kelly green for a bedroom…

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