Can’t Get It Out of My Head

Good Morning, Friends…

I remember when my girls were little, I knew every word to the Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King movies.  I still do. I saw this on Facebook and got a kick out of it.  I think many parents can relate.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Thanks Ruth!

5 responses

  1. Hahahahaha! very funny & relatable! You can really get taken in by Disney movies. I remember when it was announced that Lady & the Tramp was going back into the vault & we were not going to see it for at least another 30 years! OMG! I panicked & dragged my toddler out in a rain storm to purchase it before it disappeared for the next 30 years! Speaking of which it is my baby girl's birthday tomorrow…. the big 07! The days may be long; but the years are short…too short. xoxo- Dawn

  2. Ha! Love it. And agree. My girls were both competitive figure skaters growing up, and many of the songs they skated to came from Disney movies. It never failed…I would have them running through my head non-stop!!

  3. Bonjour Katie. Very irritating during the night, when I try to fall asleep again! And not because of the kids. I'm afraid I can find a repetitive song alone.
    Your post about Cape Cod was very interesting… and very funny as usual. I think I have unterstood the jokes. Bon week-end!

  4. HAHAHA! Even my 18year old was obsessed with that movie!! I may be the only one who doesnt sing the Adele Hazeem (lol) song! only kidding-Idina Menzel.. Im not John Travolta crazy yet! Have a great weekend hope it gets sunny by you!

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