Wreaths Glorious Wreaths

Happy Saturday, dear friends!  It’s a rainy, raw day here in Massachusetts but the weatherman promises that it will clear this afternoon.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my last post.  It is always brightens my day when I hear from you.

This week I jogged every day.  OK, when I say “jog” I mean I awkwardly gallop for two minutes, march speed walk with overly exaggerated arm motions for another minute, and drag my feet like I am ready to take my last breath for another 30 long minutes.   I then warm a chair for the rest of day.

I noticed that some of the homes that I passed  had the prettiest wreaths hanging on their doors.  So when I got home from my grueling work out, I exercised my fingers by searching the net for the perfect wreath.    
William Sonoma

Two Inspire You
Two Inspire You
Lemon Mint
William Sonoma
Preserved Pansies
William Sonoma
Pottery Barn
Live Willow & Hydrangea
Pottery Barn
Live Succulents
Pottery Barn
Live Ivy
Pottery Barn
Live Lavender
Have a great weekend!

11 responses

  1. Beautiful wreaths! I love the 3rd picture of the baskets with tulips…have to keep that in mind for my May Day basket next month. I love the french bulldog!

  2. love them, my favorite is the square boxwood, I have double doors, and always have to have wreaths, they make the entrance so welcoming. Love to change them with the seasons.

  3. First, your idea of exercising is spot on! Second, another vote for the tulips – I literally gasped!

  4. thanks for visiting my blog, how fun to find another garden fancier! i am going to be pinning up a storm, so many great ideas here, and of course i must make that tool clock!

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