Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Friends!  Our little chickadees have flown the coop and are spending Easter in their college towns.

We are having the Mister’s family for lunch.  I hope that you enjoy a wonderful Sunday.

#1 still makes this face.
Hope your day is filled with love!

12 responses

  1. Love the pictures of the girls. Oh my, they bring back memories. We are lucky to have them home for the day. #1 is back to work tomorrow and #2 flies back to Texas. Happy Easter!!

  2. Katie- Those little girls are just darling. It is kind of bittersweet to look at those pictures, isn't it? Kinda leaves me with a lump in my throat sometimes…like..WHERE did the time go? Happy Easter to you- xo Diana

  3. Happy Easter my dear friend! Love the pictures of your girls! Got to get some bunny ears for my baby girl. Been thinking of you & hope you are doing well. Will be in contact soon. xoxo- Dawn

  4. the pictures of the girls are just adorable, those years just fly by don't they? Hope you had a nice day, the weather was just beautiful here in Chicago, felt so good to finally be outside. Happy Easter.

  5. Our Easter was wonderful and hope you enjoyed a wonderful day. Your Easter cuties are precious. Thank goodness for the pictures to remind us of holidays from years gone by. May you enjoy a peaceful week!

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