Room Reveal Kitchen

Happy Hump Day, dear friends!  Its raining cats and dogs here in cold Massachusetts.  House training is not quite as much fun in this kind of weather.  Doesn’t bother Chowdah though.

This is one of my final room reveals.  It took a lot of blood, sweat, and aggravation but it was worth it. 

As you will see, we decided to go with the marble.  I really appreciated all your helpful comments.   
This is the former owners kitchen featured on

I took some of these pics the morning before the renovation began.
And now… our new bright kitchen.

We took down part of the wall leading to the pantry to make the kitchen look bigger.

We spoiled Chowdah with thousands of toys, and yet his favorite is chewing on all my throw rugs.

We took this pantry out and added a counter and cabinets.

The middle wall encased a chimney which we removed and added a glass cabinet.  We also took out the bookcase to give us more counter room.  

All the lighting fixtures are from The Enchanted Home.

Our new table was delivered early.  I know you’re all dying to know where I got that gorgeous TV table. 
I used to write all my posts from my office.  But now this table has been designated as blog central because I have been working on house training with Mr. Chowdah.

We took this pantry out and added cabinetry.
I love the roll out shelving in this group of cabinets.  

That’s it for the tour.  
Stay safe and dry in this crazy weather.

Happy Hump Day!

 (as in Tom)
Katy with a “y”s furbaby

42 responses

  1. Beautiful, classic kitchen. You can't go wrong with all white and marble. But let me know what you get your first etch marks on the marble and we can commiserate.

    Thanks for letting me know you went to European Country Antiques. Glad you liked it! I'm still trying to figure out where I can squeeze my favorite pieces.

  2. Oh My Goodness! How you were able to pull off this perfection in such a short period of time is amazing! Everything is gorgeous!
    Did I miss it or did you eliminate the wine fridge?

  3. Denise… I would give up the oven and fridge before I would eliminate the wine fridge!!! You can't see it too well but it is in the cabinetry on the bottom next to the kitchen table. Thanks for your kind words, as always.

  4. Love the kitchen! Blue and white is my favorite. Chowdah is adorable! We have a Bernese Mtn Dog puppy, he ate part of his bed and spent the day at the vet getting xrays every 30 minute after they gave him a laxative. It was a $300 poop! Just a heads up.

  5. Katie, what a beautiful, cheerful kitchen! It will always be a wonderful place to work in and just hang out in even on the dreariest days. You have the best taste.

  6. HOLY MOLY….NOW THAT'S A KITCHEN!!!! Loving all of it. And you don't even COOK. The Mister must be over the moon with that stove. And I cracked up with the other commenter thought YOU gave up the wine fridge…..does she know you????. So happy for you all that you can enjoy your hard work and your beautiful, beautiful home. xoxoR

  7. In my defense, I couldn't believe she gave it up AND you will notice I was the only one who even mentioned it! Priorities ladies!!!

  8. GORGEOUS! I am so glad I did not miss this….well done!! I am so impressed with how much you have done so fast. Wow…you are a doer indeed. I love (of course) all the blue and white touches and your belljars look exquisite!!! I am going to add a few pics for my random musings post today…to share with the world:) I hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labor, meaning I hope that the mister is whipping up some decadent meals and serving them to you in bed:)

  9. Katie, does this mean your cute coffee service right outside of your bedroom door (which I think was brilliant) is going to have be moved to the kitchen? really it is BEAUTIFUL, good thing the Mister loves to cook otherwise that beautiful room might go to waste. I am sure you and Chowdah will love every moment of being in that kitchen. Enjoy and many happy meals (of course cooked for you and served on a silver tray)…..

  10. Katie! Everything looks incredible! You did a beautiful job and I'm loving all the blue and white accessories. The lanterns are perfect in the kitchen. I am envious of where you're at.. we are still in the slum stages and waiting for the permits. Today I have no internet access so I'm at my local Starbucks trying to get some email done. My address has changed .. I think your blog roll has the old one? xxleslie

  11. I missed this earlier. Your kitchen looks gorgeous. What a beautiful make over. It is so much brighter and cleaner/crisper looking now. GREAT job. xo Diana

  12. Hello dear Katie
    Well here I am all this way Ive ,been away for a day or two… I have missed catching up because so so much happens!
    Firstly, happy birthday to you..I hope you enjoyed lots of spoiling and a lovely time….your new puppy dog is completely adorable!! What a darling little one I am so happy for you

    Also for your new kitchen, it is fabulous….Keep telling yourself all this loveliness is to make up for George the 'taken' one….it is definitely his loss… he will wake up one day I gotta feeling
    sending love across this big pond to you xxx

  13. Welcome back dear Sally… I hope you were having fun for those couple of days. I'm ok about George. He was getting too old for me anyway. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  14. It looks amazing, Katie. Just love the choices – the marble is amazing. We had so many people try to persuade us not to use marble in the Beaufort house, but it's one of my favorite things. Love, love it all!!

  15. LOVE your new kitchen. Everything is so bright and fresh and I'm CrAzY for blue and white. I smiled when I saw my friend at the end of your post. 🙂

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