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  1. OMG that is us!!!!!! Every year for our Christmas card pics…it is really something to behold, now I just laugh…what can you do? Watching this funny video is like watching my boys all over again…….

  2. I have tears streaming down my face, and just sent the link to my two boys CJ and Nick. Nick's middle name is Tucker coincidentally, but this is the two of them to a TEEEEE. I found their bickering and assaults on one another maddening when they were younger, but I have to admit as they've gotten older I find myself more amused. Omg, thank you for this, and I hope your daughters treat you well this Sunday. Love your blog!

  3. Katie, this is hilarious! I think regardless of gender .. we can all relate. Everything is always a process! Happy Mother's Day:) xxL

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