Mothers Day Breakfast Gone Wrong

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this video.  The kids are so darn cute.  But what kind of Dad lets a little boy carry an 3 lb. bowl of fruit?

I hope the Mom gets the Dad back on Fathers Day.  
Maybe she can have the sweet boys present the Dad’s pancakes in the dog’s bowl.

Happy Tuesday!

6 responses

  1. That would SO be my boys when they were little (and my daughter would have been standing there telling them what to do)! And, what kind of dad would allow him to carry that fruit – pretty much any dad I know! Thanks for brightening up my morning! xoxo

  2. So funny…and they are so darn cute! I got a little skeeved out seeing the food on the carpet (thats the OCD in me) and would have been a crazy woman if I knew I was eating fruit that was picked up from the carpet, lol. But I love that they were trying so hard, very sweet…ahhh I miss those ages!!

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