Naughty Chowdah

#1 came home this weekend to meet her new little bro, Chowdah.  I asked her to babysit for just a few minutes and this is how it went.  Evidently, Chowdah told his big sis that his Mama lets him do anything he wants.
I put his toys away every night and he knows exactly where to find them.

Hope you get to play with your toys all weekend long!

12 responses

  1. That is too cute! Smart boy! Sorry in my last comment I spelled your name as Kathie instead of Katie…..sorry,,,,still very congested. I told DH to bring me home some strong sinus medicine. What is the point of being married to a pharmacist if I can't get good drugs!! Enjoy your time with #1. Hugs, Dawn

  2. LOL. Yes, they are too smart for their own good!! Every time we open the fridge drawer, Kylee comes running (no matter where she is at the time) because she thinks she is getting cheese. We keep the cheese sticks in that drawer and she loves them!

  3. It's hard not to smile at the cleverness! Wow, Chowdah has had a major growth spurt. I think we'd all enjoy more Adventures with Chowdah.

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