Happiness Is Having Houseguests

We had a great time last weekend.  #1 came home to meet her new little bro, Chowdah.  Sista and #1 Nef also paid us a visit.  Friday was a positively gorgeous day.  It is so fun to see what beautiful flowers and trees are blooming in our new/old yard.

It was instant love when #1 and her baby bro met for the first time.  

See what I mean?  
Even though Chowdah is closing in on 24 lbs., his big Sista is convinced that he is a lap dog.

So great to see Sista and #1 Nef.

Cheers! Two wild and crazy Sistas together again!

This is the first night ever that we got to sit outside at this house.  
So nice and quiet.  
That is, except for us.

Some healthy munchies and a couple of not-so-healthy ones.

#1 Nef dodging the question from his Mom and beautiful, radiant Aunt concerning his dating status.

Sista attempting to re-phrase the question.

#1 sharing some of her college stories…

Chowdah wondering if she’s really his sister.

Sista getting a big kick out of #1’s shenanigans…

The Mister thinking that it’s better to maintain a “don’t ask – don’t tell” policy in our family when it comes to college tales.

Sista attempting to rephrase the question again to her son concerning girlfriends.

Nef #1 pretending he didn’t hear the question.

“Mom, I feel like I’m one of the Kardashians!  Put the camera away!”

All is well with the world again.

Sista thinking “I bet Chowdah would answer my questions.”

The Mister prepared a beautiful dinner of grilled chicken with cilantro pesto over radicchio and fennel slaw and grilled asparagus.

And the most delicious dessert of meringue ice cream sandwich with raspberry and Merlot sorbet accompanied by caramel corn, fresh berries and local honey.

Chowdah kind of likes being a lap dog!  Hope someone doesn’t try to fit him in her suitcase when she goes back to Texas!

Hope your week is filled with sweet things!

15 responses

  1. What a delicious meal! That dessert looks amazing. Love the back porch area. Is that a bed to the left in one picture? I could so see a wonderful herb garden there. Chowdah is getting so big!!

  2. that Mister is an amazing cook! everyone looks like they are having a great time, and so happy that #1 and Chowdah had a chance to bond. thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow between the amazing meal (that Mr. is something) to the obvious fun that everyone was having…this was such fun to see. But what I loved most, as always was your hilarious narrative…makes me feel like I was there:)

  4. Hi Katie…I have been a subscriber to your blog for about a year and look forward to receiving new posts each morning by email. I just realized that I have not been receiving your posts, the last one was on May 13. Is something going on with Feedburner? I wanted to let you know in case this is happening to other email subscribers. I now check your blog each morning to keep up.
    Lisa S.

  5. Hi Katie! I am also having the same problem with my blog. Feedburner isn't delivering the blog by email. I can't find the problem. Thanks for following my blog. Your food looks delicious! Pooch is so cute.

  6. Oh my goodness, love your blog and the witty dialogue of this post.
    Thanks for leaving a comment to enter the give-away over at The French Tangerine.
    Hope you win the “pve monogram.”

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