sista weekend Part 1

Good morning, dear friends.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  

We were delighted to entertain Sista and Bro In Law (BIL)  for part of the long weekend.  Friday night we went to a cocktail reception celebrating the Festival of the Arts in Maaahshfield Hills.  It was a chilly but clear evening.

Sista checking out the program of events for the weekend.

BIL thinking this could be a veeery long weekend. 

2 wild and crazy sistas ready to party like it’s 1999! 

When we came home, the Mister prepared the most delicious dinner of asparagus brushed with dijon and rolled in popcorn.  He also made a salad of heirloom tomatoes, radishes, golden beets and cilantro.

Flatbread of Nann with artichokes, arugula, and a shallot vinaigrette.

Baby lambchops (my very favorite food in the whole world) accompanied by a cilantro pesto.
Sorry no pic of dessert – I inhaled ate it too fast.  It was a banana chocolate conglomeration of total unbridled decadence.  All I can say is it should be outlawed in the state of Massachusetts.

And as if this post wasn’t exciting enough, I have a couple of other posts covering this weekend.  
I can hear you counting the minutes right now… 

Have a sweet Monday!

22 responses

  1. Just looking at that food caused poundage! Totally jealous cause my Mistah can't even turn the oven on.

  2. Fun! Your sister and you look so pretty……and so much alike! And lucky you to have a “chef” for a husband who is always making such amazing meals…yum!!!! I wouldn't the tables turning around here once in a while:)

  3. That looks “Top Chef” worthy! How scrumptious and fun to share with family. Can't wait to see and hear all about your adventures!

  4. The only time I get jealous is when I see pictures of the yummy food your husband prepares. My husband needs me to walk him through how to preheat the oven. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

  5. You and your Sista;) are so pretty 😉 great picture! Those asparagus and lamp chops sound delicious and your hubs sounds like a great chef. Lucky gal you are to have the help in the kitchen!!

  6. Mister prepared the most delicious dinner of asparagus brushed with dijon and rolled in popcorn. Maybe he will share these recipes?? all looks delish

  7. Does your fabulous chef/husband have a particular recipe source for these wonderful dishes he makes? Or does he come up with them himself? I see a future Food Network star: Barefoot Mista.
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your family! Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  8. I have to ask – why would you roll perfectly wonderful asparagus in popcorn?? – Suzette's Mister
    PS I hope it's not stalking to keep reading your blog after Suzette forwarded our empty nest post!

  9. Love that blue wineglass – I have some exactly like it – straight from the Dallas Galleria….about 25 years ago. What fun to get to spend the weekend with your sister!

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