Half Price Sale!!!

The Mister sent me a link to this gorgeous home with the subject line… I smell a blog!   I hate to admit it but when he’s right – he’s right.

This is the incomparable Katharine Hepburn’s family estate in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.  Miss Hepburn lived in this fabulous estate her entire life.  This is actually the second house that occupied this gorgeous setting.  The first one was swept out to sea during a hurricane.  Katharine Hepburn’s family re-built it.  You can find the whole story here.

Good news, folks!  The owners just marked it down to half price!  At a mere $14,800,000.00.  This piece of paradise could be yours!

Miss Hepburn’s homemade “welcome” sign.

  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

14 responses

  1. The Great Kate!!!! Still my favorite actress of all time! I Always try to catch her movies on AMC or TCM. It is of no surprise to me that her home is spectacular! xoxo, Dawn

  2. Back home and missed you terribly. Know a little about this home. An investor bought it and completely changed everything, much to the dismay of locals. Anyhoo I'm going to read and comment on everything I missed….especially YOU!. xoxo R

  3. Hello Katie here I am, I have been thinking of you when I heard Moon River on the radio this evening…..my first thought was to stop by and say Hi. I am enjoying a little catch up on your posts and eye candy across the big old pond.I can just imagine what tales the lovely house has to tell, yet so homely for a movie star… I expect a few Bloody Mary's were partaken on that porch!! xx

  4. Our family lived in Old Saybrook when I was in junior high. One of my best buds lived near Kate's home and I remember periodic sightings of the feisty gal. They broke the mold with Miss Hepburn, eh?

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