Happy Monday!

Good morning, dear friends!  We had a positively glorious weekend here in the Northeast.  I don’t think the weather conditions could get any better than the past two days!

As many of you know, this Sunday is Fathers Day.  In honor of this holiday, I offer you this touching youtube video.


Who knew a gum commercial could be so touching?

I took Chowdah to his first puppy play time at Petco on Saturday.  He attacked played with a very sweet pooch.  His parents were cute little doting newlyweds.  I must confide though I was a little embarrassed by my #1 son’s behavior.  Evidently, he was given an extra dose of testosterone when he was born.  Let’s just say he gets overly affectionate towards other dogs and just about any other inanimate object within his reach.  He doesn’t even offer to buy them dinner afterwards! 

I can’t show you all the photos.  I don’t want to offend anyone with Chowdah’s ungentlemanly behavior.

Chowdah trying to convince his new paramour to have a glass of wine to relax.

As if we weren’t having enough fun, the puppies were joined by Keisha, who has gone through her first series of obedience classes. Keisha is a labradoodle that came from the same breeder as Chowdah.

This is Keisha showing off her listening skills.  I think the sweet trainer, Paula, will have a run for her money trying to teach Chowdah to pay attention.

Looks like they share the same gene pool.

Today, Chowdah begins his first day of puppy school.  I think Chowdah will do fine as long as there are no other dogs within a 5 mile radius.

Hope your Monday feels like a Friday!

12 responses

  1. Really thought your warning about the commercial was a tease – not!
    Good luck with training. Have a hunch this might be a long endeavor.

  2. You took pictures? You might want to see about moving his little visit to the vet, and stock up on toys. haha…

  3. Tried training with our pitty – he loved every dog as much as Chowda does. Wasn't the least bit interested in learning to listen. Loved the video.

  4. That commercial had me with the first foil paper origami crane. So, so sweet. And holy guacamole, you crack me up with your description of Chowdah's less-than-smooth pick up technique. Naughty, naughty boy!

  5. Oh Chowdah! I know what you are going through. I have a female English Bulldog who does “that” to my male German Shepherd-now there is a mental picture for ya! The vet said its a dominance thing. Whatever she is thinking my Shepherd isn't impressed.
    Good luck!

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