A Perfect Father’s Day!

Oh Lordy… when it rains it really pours here in my new hometown.  All I can say is my new hydrangea bushes must be really happy in their new home. 

Still keeping with the Father”s Day theme.  This family is so darn cute and have a lot of videos on youtube.  I was going to try to convince you that this is the Mister and me but hey… you know me too well.  I can only dream…. 

If you’re wondering how life is going with me… here’s a hint.  Now you know all of our family secrets.

The Mister and I are so proud.

Happy Hump Day!

7 responses

  1. Love the video! Especially the “Perkins” comment… Our old dog would roll in deer poo every chance he got and run up to the house so proud of himself. For some reason, I still miss him.

  2. LOL- Okay- Just a word of advice—-you need to print that backwards on the sign so that Chowdah can read it when he looks at himself in the mirror—lol xo Diana

  3. Ha-ha! My 'girls' eat geese & deer poop so I'm doubly proud! Love the video & love brunch (especially with a bloody mary). DH used to love brunch too; until we got married. School ends in 2 weeks! xoxo, Dawn

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