Dude’s Visit In Her Own Words

Hello dear friends.  Fasten your seatbelts.  My buddy, Dude decided that she would write a post chronicling her visit last week.  If you missed the true story my post, you can find it here 


I had such a great  visit with Katie!! I was so excited to see the beautiful and transformed new abode….and to meet the wild and crazy new offspring, aka Chowdah! He’s adorable …but, I gotta say I was about to call 911 the few times I was alone with him…I think he thought I was imported to be his play date! I repeatedly had to tell him  “no bite, Chowdah” to which he responded with some serious barking!  Oh, he also stole my makeup bag and tried to head to Boston with it. See Exhibit A at end of post.

 When it came to the outside of this beautiful property, Chowdah seems to have found comfort on every flower bed on the property , especially the hosta …… 

 Hoda and Seek 
with Chowdah 

 After trampling all of the hosta, he found a resting spot.


But, don’t get me wrong he IS adorable . I’m a little concerned because Katie’s not used to male offspring,  so I can see that he’s definitely giving her a run for her money…no downtime in that house when Chow is awake!!

 Happily,I  can report that I left The Massachusetts “Maison” with a few priceless pics……..

 Katie’s evening attire…a dress with pearls and …..sneakers and peds?!?! I know that sneakers have made a fashion comeback, but like this?!? Did she forget that she had company?!? Or does she think she’s setting a new trend?!? 

I managed to shoot this video that captures “Life With Chowdah.”

Exhibit A

Thank you, Dude, for “your account” of your visit.  I asked Chowdah for his reaction.  He said,”No comment.”

As far as I am concerned… All I can say is for being in the fashion forecasting industry, you are waaay behind the times. “Snogs” (my footwear- half sneak/half clog) and pearls are the cutting edge.  It will be all over the runway next year.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

8 responses

  1. Good idea to get Dude to pull her weight by putting her to work on your blog! What a fun friend!
    As for the footwear choice, I had those exact same shoes and wore them around like “house-shoes.” They were like wearing big, puffy pillows on my feet! Unfortunately, I wore them out and haven't replaced them yet.
    But you prove the point, that a strand of pearls makes everything look elegant!

  2. What an adorable pup and by the looks of him, he's already grown inches! Thank you for stopping by The Buzz on Monday – it's always great to hear from bloggers from far and near. Hope you're enjoying this summer weather!
    C + C

  3. I am sooo loving all his antics. And, so thankful he's not mine. LOL Just like babies…that is why God made them so darn cute!!! By the way…love the sneaks with the dress. My kinda gal!!

  4. How lucky are you guys? You can have a lot of fun, clown around, enjoy each others' company, and truly be yourselves. Even with the clogs 🙂 That is true friendship and fun. Whenever I can truly be myself, show my humor, and relax in another person's presence, that is a true blessing….. …. thanks for the blog! So fun!!

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